Thursday, 25 December 2014

A little intro

Well, i had been thinking since a long time about this, so here it is.. My first Blog Post!
So time for a little intro session right?
Firstly lemme justify this overtly weird name i have given to my BlogPost. TechOveLIfe is an amalgamation of all the things sum  my life up i.e namely Technology and my LoveLife which well did not go so nicely. *sniff sniff*
I'm a complete Tech Geek in the purest form and love getting to know and read about all thats been happening in the tech world starting from new gadgets to new software's to the open source world(Linux to Mozilla). Football is something else that has created a place for itself in my heart and oh yeah, did i mention that i am a Madridista? So the at the moment the bragging rights belong to me!
My blogs will mainly surround football,technology and my own Love-story with occurrences in the reverse order.